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Story: Care Package

Location Type Old Site
Detecting Time 4 hours
Detector Whites DFX

1899O Barber Dime

We had planned to hunt this portion of Memorial Park (see Homeless Homestead) in advance, so I had time to put together a little care package for Randy, the homeless dude. Steve and I got there around 8AM and headed into the brush. I read a report from TXTim the day before that said Randy was gone, so I left the care package in the car. When we got to his campsite he was there, but sleeping. I woke him up and told him I had some goodies for him. I went back to the car, got the stuff and brought it to him.

  • a hatchet
  • a camp saw
  • a multi-tool knife
  • a crank radio
  • a crank flashlight
  • a nice two-piece rain suit
  • sterno
  • lighters
  • beef jerkey
  • two boxes of cereal bars

Randy said "This is too cool" upon receiving the stuff. I told him "I hope it helps".

Now, it was time to start detecting. I decided to hit the areas bordering the dirt road leading into the place. I stopped to take some pics and Mike showed up. It scared the crap out of me when he came up from behind. He was considerate enough to make a noise so I did not freak out completely.

I did not find much in these areas and decided to walk around the island. I generally followed the main trail and branched off into different areas that looked interesting.

I found an unfired .458 Winchester Mag bullet, parts of an unkown tool and a very old shotgun shell. I then made my way back to the area by the dump. This is, by far, the area that has given up the most finds. TXTim had shown up and he, Steve and I talked for a while and discussed strategy. Basically, dig everything above zero, go slow and get into the thick brush. I hunted for about an hour after our discussion and found a couple of buttons, two parts of a WWI mortar round, some rusted tools, some clad and a few more bullets. It was a good hunt.

Two buttons, IHC and, perhaps, a naval button
Parts of a mortar round from WWI
458 Winchester magnum...big game in Houston?
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Happy Hunting!
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