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Story: Missing Pipe

Location Type Old Site
Detecting Time 2 hours
Detector Minelab E-Trac/12x15/10

Pipe found here...

TARC (Tomball Archeological Recovery Club) was asked to help locate some buried pipe on a ranch outside Bellville. A few of us signed up, including two 2-box units. The depth was unknown, but the location was specified to within a hundred yards...which turned out to be accurate. Of course, we parked right on top of it to start ;-) but once we moved the cars it was found relatively quickly along the side of the road.

After finding the pipe, we hunted a 100 year old homesite. Lots of iron so I used the E-Trac on two-tone ferrous which produced the slicker button which is identical to the only other previous find on the site. We then travelled around looking at and for various dump sites. No joy on the dumps, but that's another story. A good day.

Most of the group
Downhill end of pipe
Old homesite was within these trees
Early 1900s slicker button

Happy Hunting!
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