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Spectra V3 Programs 2.1

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Program spreadsheets can be a great learning tool and, of course, are very handy when making tactical decisions concerning your detector settings.

White's Spectra V3
The White's Spectra V3 has the most extensive array of settings of any detector yet made. Its menu system is, accordingly, vast. Thinking it the best way to remove any uncertainties regarding the technical operation of the V3 I set up this spreadsheet (thanks to Larry (IL) from the
Find's V3 forum for the original template). A full view of a detector's internal settings can provide a clearer situational awareness, technically speaking, when out in the field.


This spreadsheet details the settings for discrimination, sensitivity, ground tracking, frequency, filter and speed, audio and configuration including all custom and color settings. Some notable features include (some only available in macro-enabled .xlsm version):
  • Push button ON/OFF values. Otherwise, every value is selected from a dropbox containing all acceptable values. No more guessing, uncertainty, or the need for the manual or detector to verify values. Accepts typed values.
  • Conditional formatting provides visual cues including highlighted text and Data Bars indicating relative value.
  • Choose colors through RGB values or color picker.
  • Each setting has a comment attached containing:
    • Manual page.
    • Name of setting and acceptable values.
    • Coin default value.
    • Manual text.
  • Custom and color settings can be collapsed to simplify the view.
  • Program descriptions in attached comments.
  • In-sheet note area with optional comments.
  • Fully customizable.

Download Version 2.1 of the V3 program spreadsheet

Three versions of the file are available:
Click a file - Open to view, Save to download the file...


* Using "Open" on .xlsm file will cause to Save it to your drive before using it.

Alternative formats
Spectra_V3_Programs_v_2_1.pdf (Factory Programs PDF)
Spectra_V3_Programs_v_2_1.ods (OpenDocument Spreadsheet)

Blank formats

Using the file

There are four worksheets:
  • Factory Programs - contains data for the eleven built-in programs
  • My Programs - contains ten programs, all with the Coin Program settings
  • My Program - contains one program with the Coin Program settings
  • Values - used for dropbox values
You will probably find yourself wanting to move programs from one worksheet to another. To do this select the three columns that comprise the desired program, right-click and select Copy. Go to the destination worksheet and select the three columns you want to replace, right-click and select Paste. You can also use Insert Copied Cells if you are building up a worksheet, or if it is just more appropriate (sometimes Insert is the only method if Paste fails). Be aware that when copying/pasting the forms controls (like the checkbox) can sporadically show up somewhere in the same row they were on...just right-click and Cut.

Inserting and deleting rows is fine, just be aware that the Global Settings may be affected depending on whether the cell references get messed up or not.

I may add more later, but if you know or learn Excel then that is all you need (and there are plenty of web resources devoted to that subject).


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