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01-22-2011 - An uncertain future

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You don't have to look around much to see that America and the world are in dire straits. The American way of life is in jeopardy, as it has been for many decades. But, now, many factors have combined and we are feeling it at home. In this, there is good and bad.

With prosperity comes the potential for apathy and a self-centered perspective. This isn't necessarily a problem; we all need a break every once in a while, but it has resulted in an out-of-touch populace being led by a corrupt government not responsive to said populace. This is the primary problem. Simultaneously, we are dealing with so many other issues it makes one wonder how this confluence of situations, circumstances and events will end. Is it like a dust devil that will spin itself out and dissipate with measured reaction, or like a balloon that explodes due to pressure and lack of options?

I won't go through all the current topics, but they include the economy, government gone wild, China, the Gulf, states' rights, 2nd amendment, free speech, political correctness, healthcare, unemployment, foreclosures, Wall Street, illegal infinitum it seems. With such an apparently uncertain future, what should we do?

There are three things we can do to achieve some measure of well-being in this world. We can prepare for potential events. There is no substitute, and it will help you sleep better at night. We can stay abreast of the situation and become knowledgeable, removing some of the unknowns and providing a sense of familiarity. We can implement change through actions and dialog.

If nothing can be done, and manifest destiny has been twisted to something more akin to manifest destruction, what then? There really are only two things you can do (three if you include your faith, if applicable). You can be grateful for living in interesting times while seeing the absolute hilarity of an existence in such a place, or you can look at it this way: What's the worst that could happen to us? We could die. For some of us, that is no big deal. Death is part of life and realizing that gives some freedom. You may realize, as I do, that our lives don't concern us much; it is the lives of those we love that mean more than our own ever could. This gives us cause and motivation to implement change.

What could be seen as good in all this? America may be finally waking up. For those who care to look, the rabbit hole goes much deeper than you would probably want to know, and it may already be too late. The alarm is going off. Do we get up and get to work, or hit the snooze button once again?

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