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02-12-2011 - A paradigm for truth

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If you scrape everything away, we are nothing but points of consciousness with knowledge, beliefs, emotions and perspectives. This is where, for society as a whole, the rubber meets the road. Previous posts have talked about the difficulty in acquiring accurate data, examining our beliefs, making choices and seeing a bit beyond ourselves. But, truth is still a nebulous entity without a means to characterize it.

As an excercise, assume that truth is analogous to radio. Radio technology requires a broadcaster and a receiver. There may be other components or existing conditions such as signal amplifiers, encryption devices, radio frequency jammers, radio telescopes and the natural radio wave background radiation of the universe.

Our environment, individuals, groups and purveyors of information are all broadcasters of the truth, or what they perceive to be the truth in the case of conscious beings. Simultaneously, all individuals are receivers of the truth. A feedback system reinforcing or refuting various modes of thought serves to automatically create a mainstream of truth. A receiver is a collection of potentials resulting in the ability to perceive truth. Our knowledge and beliefs naturally tune the dial to the beliefs broadcasting on the corresponding frequency.

How good is our equipment? Is it a cheap pocket radio that can only pick up signals right next door, metaphorically speaking, to the broadcaster? Is it a frequency scanner that hops frequencies listening to different perspectives? Is it a radio telescope peering deeply for omniscient signals in the universe; possibly one of the only broadcasters not filtered by man's equipment? Are we skipping parts of the frequency spectrum? Are our incoming and outgoing signals clean? Is our frequency unnecessarily jamming or blocking other frequencies?

It is an analogy, but the variables are too many to characterize here. Putting it into a different context can help us evaluate our own context within the landscape of truth.

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