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02-14-2011 - ROV

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Remotely Operated Vehicles are used to explore many different environments nowadays. It can be interesting to compare the concept of an ROV to our lives. This requires that we assume a higher reality exists and that we are just visiting and will return.

An ROV can be autonomous or semi-autonomous. If we compare it to free will in a religious context, it could be pseudo-autonomous due to predetermination (but we won't get into that here). If we consider that we have a connection to this higher reality our bodies could be seen as a type of ROV. Our brain is the onboard computer allowing autonomous operation while the mind represents the higher self that may receive signals from, for lack of a better term, the "mother ship."

Spiritual literature discusses a "silver cord" that has been seen by folks that find themselves out-of-body for whatever reason. It alledgedly connects from the spine to our higher self or "over-soul" and can vary in thickness. It has infinite stretch and never gets less than about a centimeter thick. Starting to sound like a better analogy?

In this respect, the brain/mind combination could be characterized as an interface between two worlds. One is for survival in this environment. The other monitors and adjusts our behavior and provides a means to get us back home.

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