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02-15-2011 - Hello?

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I hear voices in my head. Lol...we all do, but how many? Just one, or more than one?

Two voices have been heard inside my mind...three if you include an extremely strange event. One is the "babbler" which has various names but refers to the seemingly constant chatter going on within our minds. One of the goals of meditation is to silence this noise. The second is only heard at certain times, but is always there if you look for it. The third requires a story.

A previous post referred to the theory of the bicameral mind. This theory implies that before our brain become organized, but after we developed a version of this internal chatter, we may have believed that God was talking to us. I mention this as a potential reference point. What goes on inside the mind of an animal, for instance? Try thinking about something without using any words. If you can, it is probably somewhat similar to how animals must think.

Back to the second voice. Have you ever been in a fight or flee circumstance, or been physiologically or mentally so out of it that your mind has given up, or been rendered deaf and dumb? Did you notice the observer? Did you hear it matter-of-factly provide commentary and possibly offer some dry wit to boot? I believe it is always there but, perhaps, drowned out by the babbler except in the aforementioned circumstances.

There has only been one truly strange, seemingly "external" voice that I have heard, referring to number three. I take my own story with a huge grain of salt, but it did happen as described:

I was at a college party with some buddies and we were in the kitchen drinking beer. I didn't have a buzz, but was acquiring one at the time. We decided, as we were wont at the time, that Tequila was in order. The music was loud, but we could hear each other fairly well. As we were standing in a circle in the kitchen I felt my left arm raise and point to the top of the refrigerator. An unknown voice came out of my mouth and said, "There's a bottle of Tequila behind the popcorn popper." Everyone looked at me, all of us somewhat befuddled at the strange exclamation, and then we all started for the refridgerator. We moved some stuff and then removed the popcorn popper and, lo and behold, there was a full, unopened bottle of Jose Cuervo.

We went absolutely nuts; more so when I told them I had no idea where "it," meaning the advice, came from. I still don't get it. Momentary possession of some kind, or a case of the mind utilizing unseen data in an autonomous fashion? The bottle was completely hidden and could not be seen from any angle. Either way, the bottle survived the night, but the contents were swiftly dispatched.

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