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02-17-2011 - SOL

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Sun worship is a natural spiritual perspective when other competing influences and data are absent, such as our ancient ancestors experienced. It is the one thing upon which all life on Earth depends, except, perhaps, deep-living extemophiles living off the chemistry of the planet's interior. Many of our holidays mark the departure and return of the Sun in fall and spring. The infinity symbol is the image you would get if you took a picture of the sun at the same time of day over the course of a year.

The biggest solar flare in five years is approaching and, although nothing extreme is forecast, it is the beginning of a ramp-up to the solar maximum in 2013. The Sun and the Earth have both been changing, magnetically speaking. The Sun's solar maximum is approaching, but on the decrease overall. Its behavior is still an enigma in many respects, but science is slowly peeling back the layers. Earth's magnetic pole has been moving erratically, or more so than normal...heading for Siberia last I checked.

Magnetic pole shifts occur when north becomes south and south becomes north. They occur fairly often; about every seven or eight hundred-thousand years, but it is an irregular pattern. This is a magnetic field reversal, not a flipping of the Earth, although some dubious theories entail day long earthquakes while the interior of the Earth reorients itself.

The Earth is very fragile from man's perspective; similar to bacteria on a dirt-clod. Super volcanoes, passing asteroids, solar flares, earthquakes and man can potentially alter the planet. Sometimes these events can be related. Solar activity is related to Earth's magnetic field as charged particles streaming from the Sun deform the field and can affect magnetic north. Could this trigger a polarity transition? It could, but the fact is that most historic reversals were events spread out over a large period of time. In other words, it could bounce back and forth and around for quite a while until it settles down. An Internet search of "solar activity and earthquakes" also brings up some interesting information.

A super volcano explosion seventy-three-thousand years ago squeezed Man's population down to almost nothing. The last ice age heavily influenced the evolution of existing human species. In our short lifetimes we do not get a good sense of geologic timescales, but the evidence indicates that the world can change overnight in rare circumstances. We've enjoyed ten-thousand years of relative stability which has not been seen to occur previously in the geologic record.

Complex, chaotic systems are virtually unpredictable, but tend to go from island of stability to island of stability while enduring wild swings in the interim. How far will the pendulum swing this time around?

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