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02-19-2011 - Contamination

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We are exposed to many beliefs throughout our life. How do we investigate them without being exposed to potentially damaging doctrine, practices or modes of thought? How do we examine them without damaging our own beliefs?

This could be considered a trick question. If our beliefs are assailable, then maybe we should choose another system. On the other hand, faith is part of many beliefs and faith is preferrable as circular reasoning usually does not come across very well. You must believe something that is not self-evident.

However, all my reading seems to indicate that belief is the currency of the spiritual realm. We go where our beliefs take us. It is automatic. If you choose not to believe in God you may find yourself not in His presence. If you believe in Jesus, you may find yourself with Him. If you don't believe in religion you may find yourself in a parkland setting with no overtly religious overtones. There is much more, but it is a theoretical paradigm, as they all are. Assuming this is true to some extent, where will your beliefs take you?

I am not a religious person, although I have beliefs concerning this and other realities. Realizing that beliefs determine our path and, possibly, our destination can ease the acceptance of certain beliefs that may be hard to swallow if you haven't had personal confirmation.

This is another quirk concerning belief: A belief means nothing without an individual; even shared beliefs. The rubber meets the road only in individual terms as the mind is what we use to sense truth and formulate beliefs.

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