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02-27-2011 - All in our own way

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She rose out of bed and moved into the hallway. As she passed the attic door in the ceiling she was lifted skyward finding herself in a vast white-hued expanse. A light brighter than all else dominated the horizon, apparently the source of the desire causing thousands of people to flock towards it. She knew this as she too tried in vain to get to the light. A lady separated from the crowd and told her that it "wasn't her time" and that she had to go back. Through this and the following experiences she was very aware that she was far from home and not in her body. She would find herself back in bed and would suffer a form of reverse-homesickness; apparently longing for all that the light represented. This would last for a few days each time.

Over a two month period she experienced a total of seven excursions. These visits were variations of the first, in general, but she began to assert herself on the sixth visit. It was to no avail; it was always, "It's not your time," and no-reply to any inquiries on her part. If it wasn't her time, why did she keep getting pulled up there?

On the seventh and final visit an older woman accompanied the lady with which she had been having the one-way conversations. With no answers, the frustration level was extreme. She said, "Why am I here!?" The old woman spoke up and said, "All we can tell you is that you will die before Chris does." That morning she woke with certain knowledge. She shuffled over and sat, slumped, on the corner of the bed.

Her father had passed away a few months prior to these events and she was at his house going through his belongings one afternoon. This was after her experiences. There were some old pictures in a box she was going through. As she flipped through them she froze; it was the woman with the dire prediction. Further investigation revealed it to be a grandmother she had never met.

Kiera died of TTP, a rare blood disorder, within a year. She could not speak during the last three months of her life due to stroke. Two days prior to her death, she came back to us. Her eyes were bright with understanding for the first time in months; she could hug you and share the moment. She was saying good-bye. She lapsed back into her previous state and bid farewell to this world on a night that deserves its own telling.

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