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02-03-2011 - Is God exclusive?

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I have been amazed that people can be so rabid regarding their faith. I have no problem with folks talking about their faith. I admire a strong, well thought-out belief system or faith. What becomes an issue is when one effectively sees their belief in God as the only acceptable true faith. There are hundreds of mainstream faiths and thousands of minor faiths and no one can agree.

If you've read some previous posts, you know that the subjectivity of this existence is a focal point of my overall view. Claiming supremacy concerning a specific belief in God is not applicable anywhere but within our own minds. How can I say that?

Can anyone define God? If something cannot be defined how can one have the best definition? Try describing the color skyblue to a blind person. Try describing the essence of controls just about everything we do and how we do it. If we lived in a 0.1g environment our species and technology would be quite different. Even though gravity acts on everything, it is the least understood of the four main forces. We don't understand it and we can't detect it, although we see its effects. Sound familiar? Gravity does indeed exist, we just don't know what it is and cannot define it.

The projection of a supremely personal belief onto others is indicative of pathology, in my opinion. This could apply to me as well, but I have said nothing about my personal thoughts concerning my characterization of God. No one could ever have the same explicit beliefs so I keep them to myself.

What can be shared without issue is our relationship with God. A relationship with God is not exclusive, arcane, cryptic or hard to understand. It is not a club. It cannot be denied anyone.

There is a twist of the mind that can occur here. God can be as real as it gets. It can actually be more real than the world. The reality of God for some is great enough that they can't help themselves. The mistake they make is believing that God can only work in specific ways as evinced by their own experience(s) and as dictated by their beliefs. This flies in the face of universality and puts limits upon the limitless. Our lot is to interpret potentially absolute truths with limited perceptions, knowledge and equipment. We should do our best and realize we're all looking for the same thing.

A story comes to mind that may or may not be believable, but it illustrates my point very well.

An Arab man had always had difficulty in life choosing between Allah and Jesus. He'd studied them both and could not reconcile their teachings. He was in an accident and was taken to the hospital where he died in the OR. He had a near-death experience and found himself outside of his body looking over a wide expanse. Huge clouds were billowing and atop the two largest were Allah and Jesus. They each held an enormous sword. As he watched they lifted up their swords and swung them mightily in combat. When the swords connected a blinding light replaced the scene as he heard Him say "We are One."

God had removed his dilemma and his beliefs were modified accordingly upon revival.

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