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02-06-2011 - Desire

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Our daily balance beam consists of thousands of decisions based on what we need and what we want. Necessity and desire are two competing forces sheparding our decisions throughout the day. Necessities are usually of an external nature and consist of materials and actions linking us to this reality through survival and our will to live. We have no control over necessities and must toe the line. But, sometimes we don't. Lives are constantly being ruined by external and internal influences. In effect, necessity is a task master that can be ignored, in extreme cases, up until the time of death.

What if we can't control ourselves? What if the dynamic between necessity and desire becomes dysfunctional? This is mainly seen in addiction and this type of issue is prevalent among the general populace in various forms.

So, what is the issue? What we desire should be what is good for us and our well-being, right? The problem is that, at times, we do not have control over our own desires. They can come from unknown quadrants and take us by surprise. Something we thought we'd dislike we ended up liking immensely. Something we hated became beautiful once we understood it. We don't know what we will or will not like until we've experienced it. Desires can gain a life of their own rendering a person powerless within their own tempest. The question at this point becomes:

Is there a desire to change that which we desire?

This question in itself can initiate a beginning. If one doesn't like a certain desire, or the results of that desire, they must change that which they desire. This can be extremely difficult.

Although desire can be an obstacle, it can also work for us. If you don't like something, change the way you perceive it. If you do like something, change the way you perceive it. Learn to find and embrace your true, beneficial desires. If there is something in the way, one may have to back up and ask "why?" Programming the mind through meditation, prayer, constructive daydreaming, introspection, increased knowledge and, importantly, taking appropriate action can allow one to balance the variables, find what truly makes one happy and live life the way one knows it is meant to be lived.

The answer lies in our ability to ask and address the question.

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