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03-02-2011 - Postage due

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Personal growth can result from incremental improvements and change over time. There are many forms of growth within multiple areas of human development. Learning is an obvious one; any experience of any kind is a form of learning. The actual mechanism of growth is often ignored.

On the surface, it appears we exist in a three-dimensional physical space rolling along a track laid down by the fourth dimension, time. When we grow we actually time-travel in small or large increments within our minds. We must jump ahead and assume the person we are becoming. We take it on faith that one piece of information will lead to the next and, although disparate, everything is ultimately related. The act of becoming can be full of wonder or the most boring of existences.

Our subconcious mind seems to do this for us on a routine basis simply as a matter of existence and adaptation. How can we utilize this knowledge? Assume and believe what you need to achieve the goal. Fear does not belong here. Time-travel to a future you wish to assume, set the envelope to the required size, leap, and expand to occupy the entire envelope.

A promotion at work may put one in a position to grow. They can expand to fill the role, or remain where they are. If something generates fear, assume mastery, learn and experience what is required, and actively fill the void left by dispersed fear. Familiarity and the joy of a successful jump can be worth the risk.

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